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Alternative Music Festival Sunday January 31st, 2021

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Virtual music served as a great distraction for us all when the pandemic first hit. I remember those first few weeks in March when we were all anxiously waiting to learn more about this pandemic, and how much we craved for an escape.

One year later, we have adapted, and we have continued a new “normal” way of life. Thankfully, live sporting events were able to return and as we await for this year’s Super Bowl, I invite you to join me for a live music festival event that is raising money and awareness for a good cause. If alternative music is your thing, then set your alarms and calendars and tune in. Bury Your Memories Virtual Festival has a great lineup of bands that are participating for this great cause (links below). The event is scheduled to start this Sunday at 6pm, making it a great musical escape for us to enjoy.

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Brian Swindle of Have Mercy



Adjust The Sails


Tree Stump 

Lauren Kidd

Visit Facebook event details here -> Click ME <-

Learn more about the cancer center

Alternative Music Festival Sunday January 31st, 2021
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