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Fusion, GoPro’s new 360 camera

In Technology by uveblog

Content creators rejoice! GoPro is coming out with a new 360 camera, and it looks awesome!

from GoPro.com

By David Newman, Technical Fellow at GoPro

“GoPro’s sneak preview announcement of the upcoming Fusion camera came with one key specification, a resolution of 5.2K, creating speculation on where that number comes from. This might sound like a classic “resolution race,” where 5.2K is better than 4K, however establishing an effective resolution for a 360° camera is more complicated than single lens cameras and I’d like to outline how we’ve arrived at that number from a technical perspective.

My colleague, Daniel Sherer, recently published his thoughts about what 5.2K allows him to achieve as a filmmaker using OverCapture, and that piece provides some context to why 5.2K is an important benchmark for us from a product-standpoint. But scientifically speaking, the range of manufactures have yet to agree on a standard methodology for this key spec, so I’d like to share the thinking for how we arrive at 5.2K and how we think the industry should be standardizing these calculations. ”

Check out what this camera can do, and how your own home videos can start to look like soon.