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Our top-three apps from the summer

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There are many apps from different developers that people download and install in their devices. However, it is important to understand the benefits from these apps before you fill your gear with them. Most of us would like to have every app installed in our devices but because of limited space, that is not possible. Additionally, having many apps installed in your device makes it slower, and you do not get good services. To help you choose the right apps, the following are our top three favorite apps from the summer.

ToMo (touch of modern shopping) App

This is one of the leading apps for shopping in North America. The app allows you to buy designer products at a price that is cheaper than the retail prices. Millions of people used this app during the summer to buy items ranging from electronics, fashion, and other electronics conveniently from all parts of the world. The good thing with this app is that it gets products from all parts of the world and brings them to your door. The new app for android gives users an amazing e-commerce experience that you cannot find anywhere else. The prices for products are cheap, and the shopping experience is like no other.


This is another great app that allows you to share your videos with the rest of the world instantly. The app allows you to tell your followers about the videos that you have broadcasted so that they can join and comment on them live. Your followers also have an opportunity to send you hearts on real-time basis. It is also worth noting that the app also allows you to make your broadcasted videos on replay mode so that your viewers can get access to them later and send you more hearts. It is also worth noting that Periscope enables you to control the privacy of your online videos and even share them on other social media platforms such as Twitter. You can also manage notifications on this app and get suggestions on people to follow on your twitter.


Strava app allows you to track your workouts and riding progress using a GPS. You can also share pictures of your exercises and share some of the photos of your activities with your friends. Additionally, the app allows you to follow your friends doing their exercises too. It is also worth noting that the app allows you to search for athletes and routes in the databases. Additionally, you are also able to check rankings on specific routes including and check the best performers within your route. If you want to keep your performance private, you can easily do so using Strava and other members will not be able to view or comment on them.

Which apps did you use most this summer, leave a comment below…

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Our top-three apps from the summer
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