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Our species is pretty incredible, isn’t it? During times of adversity, hardship, disaster and suffering, we humans find a way to rise above it. We find within ourselves, and each other, the ability to come together and conquer our fears, trials and tribulations. Today, our species is facing an unknown invisible enemy, one that has attacked us before, and yet with all of our modern technological advances, we find ourselves at the mercy of its path.

Today, we find inspiration through the people who wake up everyday and report for duty. We salute you, and we thank you. It is because of you that many of us are doing what we can to be of service to the community. Whether it is by restaurants donating food to health care workers, djs doing live sets on Facebook and Instagram, or as it is the case with this awesome video, being exposed to Some Good News. One of our favorite ‘The Office’ characters John Krasinski, recently took to social media and provided us with a few good minutes of news and entertainment.

Some Good News

How about that cameo from Steve Carrell? as a fan of the show, this was a great segment for me. So, we applaud you John for taking time out of your day and putting this together. We encourage you, whoever is reading this, to send John some more examples of #SomeGoodNews (on Twitter) so we can help him gather more content to share with the world. John, if you ever read this, here is our contribution. #SomeGoodNews for parents looking for fun activities with the kids.

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