Space Jam – Hit Em High

In Music by uveblog

There is a new Space Jam movie in the works. Of course, with Lebron James as the lead, and I’m sure countless of other high profile guest appearances. Will it become an instant classic, or will it bomb?… but what about the soundtrack?

It’s true, not many people have songs from the Space Jam soundtrack on their Apple Music  playlist (not available on Spotify). But I do, and I still listen to “Hit Em High” from time to time. I’ll even play it at parties, and some social gatherings, just to see what kind of reaction it gets. This soundtrack had other notable hits like Quad City Dj’s “Space Jam”, and douchbag R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”.

So, as I throw it back to this old school banger, I will conclude by saying that I hope the new movie has good music for future generations to jam to, just like I did with this one!

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