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Commit To Lose: Eating For Aesthetics

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Commit To Lose: Eating For Aesthetics Featured in New York and Timeout Magazine, Ray Tinneny is ahead of the curve.

In recent years, society has put precedence on health and fitness. Nowadays, it is about one thing: look amazing. People are enamored of getting healthy and into shape, yet 95% who set out to get their dream body give up and fail within the first month. Ray Tinneny, Physique Consultant and founder of Ray Tinneny Fitness has set out to change this depressing trend. He introduces Commit to Lose: Eating for Aesthetics, which is the most innovative and accelerated diet system to date; its purpose is to make you look amazing from the outside in. Featured in New York Magazine and Timeout Magazine, Ray Tinneny has always been ahead of the curve in terms of dieting and transforming bodies. And he preaches that eating healthy is not cutting it anymore for the millions attempting to look great. This has given way to eating with purpose, the next ubiquitous fitness mainstay… Click image below for more

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