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Taking Flight, A random birds appearance at the Rocky Steps

In Amazing Animals by uveblog

Happy accidents with nature

We never know how and when inspiration will find us. For those of us who enjoy capturing moments on video, Filming in nature can be a rewarding way to connect with the world around us. There is something special about being surrounded by trees, flowers, and animals. And sometimes, nature has a way of making itself known in our films in unexpected ways. Take this video for example, this was intended to just be a timelapse of the “Rocky Steps”, located at the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The video starts as intended, but then we get a friendly reminder that we are sharing this space with other creatures.

Weather is another unpredictable way in which something unexpected can make the most basic footage look awesome. A sudden downpour or a gust of wind can add a sense of drama or excitement to a scene. And even a simple sunrise or sunset can be beautiful.

We enjoy capturing moments that we can look back on, especially when we get to interact with nature. When these two elements come together seamlessly, the outcome is unforgettable.

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