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A Beautiful Catastrophe

In Comedy, Entertainment, TV by uveblog

Let’s talk binge-worthy shows for a minute. Tho there are many, have you seen or remember much talk about this one? One of the biggest critiques we had towards Amazon Prime was that they weren’t helping themselves by marketing internally within the app(they are now)… Or maybe we just weren’t paying attention? In any case, we felt compelled to share how well written and funny this TV series is, and how much we enjoyed watching it.

Catastrophe features the onscreen ensemble of Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, who not only act but also wrote and created the show. Talk about a “hidden gem”, we randomly stumbled upon it while searching through Prime and if you haven’t seen it yet…. YOU SHOULD!

In a nutshell, Sharon becomes pregnant while the two enjoy a week long fling in London. Rob, being the good-kind hearted person that he is, and always making an effort to do the right thing, moves to London to start a family with Sharon. Throughout their ups and downs, we learn to fall in love with each character and find ourselves rooting for the two.

We are well aware of Netflix’s position with regards to original content. But, don’t asleep on Amazon Prime. We have learned the hard way, and will continue to search for content that is currently available on their roster.

Season 1 Trailer

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