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Netflix Hits it Big with ‘Narcos’

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Here is yet another reason why you should be binge-watching Netflix shows. The newly released series Narcos, based on the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, is both entertaining and informative. The show has been declared to be among one of the best from Netflix.

What’s New with Narcos?

If historical re-enactments capture your attention, then Narcos might be the show for you. You can expect: kidnappings, affairs, murders, extortion and lots of drug dealing and consumption. Narcos looks both into the views and stories of the cops and bad guys, but instead of focusing on the small impact their dealings make in a single community, it looks into its global impact. Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bahamas and the US were the most affected by Escobars drug trafficking empire.

First Person Narrations and Voiceovers

The 10-episode Netflix show is pretty much like most other gangster movies (think Goodfellas and Blow) in that they often come in first person narratives, which usually gives viewers better insight of the protagonist perspective. Escobar, despite being a notorious kingpin, is portrayed as a man of the people, in pursuit of helping others (his way).

Featuring Real News Footage and Beautiful Colombia

Narcos does a good job of including real live footage with their storyline. Escobar’s real mug shot is used (instead of actor), news clips from the scenes as they happened were also included. One of the better takeaways from this show is the fact that it was filmed on location. Bringing us a little closer to seeing the beauty of Colombia, despite its violent history.

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