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Hans Zimmer – Soundtrack Master

In Music by uveblog

Have you tried watching a movie with no sound? kinda silly isn’t it…why would you want to?

Let’s put ourselves in the early 1900’s for a minute. Our imagination was driven by words written on paper and by still images that took forever to make. Tho simple, I am willing to bet that entertainment was still accomplished and people absorbed as much of it as possible. I recently watched a scene from a movie that showed folks in a movie theater watching a silent picture. As viewers, they were amazed by these moving pictures and reacted to even the most basic acts of comedy that would not event be considered humorous by today’s standards. And yet, they still laughed, cheered and raved at their experience. Continued technological advances increased our expectations of what a “good” movie experience is, and that is why today we pay homage to a soundtrack master.

Memorable movies are typically comprised with great cinematography, cast and crew, directors and of course producers. Since the 1980’s, Hans Zimmer’s contribution to movies is recognized as one of the best. A quick google search will land you on his Wikipedia page, and provide you with a full picture of how he came to be a soundtrack master.

Today however, we want to emphasize these two great masterpieces from his repertoire.

We thank technology, and the people that utilize it to give us these works of art!

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