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Hot Ones: Hot Questions with Hottest Wings

In Entertainment by uveblog

Keep up with Internet memes? Then you may have seen photos of Shaquille Oneill’s facial expressions, or Gordon Ramsey spraying lemon and lime juice on a wing in a desperate attempt to make it edible. These are only two examples of what you can expect from the popular interview web series Hot Ones, and it is a perfect representation of the show and what makes it great.

While it is basically an interview show, one factor makes it stand out: before each question, host Sean Evans and his guest’s eat a spicy chicken wing. As the show progresses, the questions get deeper, and the wings get hotter. With 8 seasons in, Hot Ones is one of the most successful web interview series ever. Not only is the concept hilarious to watch, the show also benefits from host Sean Evans’s great sense of humor. His control of the interview allows for great insights and stories to be shared, even as guests are struggling with the heat.

So what is the reward? if guest’s can get through all ten wings successfully, they get to promote their upcoming projects. If they fail to eat all ten, they can still promote their projects, but not before their name is added to the Hot One’s Hall of Shame. It’s not easy to find a show these days that is both informative and funny. Founder and executive producer Christopher Schonberger has done an awesome job. Almost all of the 149 episodes have received positive reviews. Consistency is the key, and the team has maintained it thus far.

Hot Ones Season 9 is officially underway, but we would like to highlight some our favorite episodes below…

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