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Ergonomics desk setup

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Comfort has become a top priority for me. Experience has taught me that there is a right way, a wrong way, and also a better way of doing things.

When our work shift is changed, when an injury is experienced, when a book is read, or a video is watched that teaches us something… typically we take that new experience/knowledge and make adjustments, or at least we should. 

For me, I sit around a lot, and recently (for an unrelated reason), have experienced some minor neck and back discomforts. So much so, I thought it was an old sports injury. X-rays confirmed that as far as my spine is concerned, everything seems to be aligned correctly. As luck would have it (or, maybe it wasn’t luck and it was just google showing me content based on recent searches and purchases), the video below popped up in one of my timelines (forget which one). And yes, I went ahead and readjusted my working environment according to the recommendations provided below. So far, I can attest improved comfort, and feeling a little less fatigue.

PS- for my home office, I purchased the ErgoFoam footstool… oh baby!! #gamechanger (click the red button below).

Also, in case you were wondering…



  1. relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.
    “ergonomic keyboard design”

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